Monday, June 25, 2012

NEW! Share Your Social with NFC

NFC technology is supported on many modern smartphones,  rumor mill also indicates the next generation of iPhone will also support NFC - are you ready?

Voxini has teamed up with our friends at Tagstand to offer NFC enabled signs and pre-programmed NFC tags for to your own custom advertisements to promote your Voxini social profile.  Place your Voxini NFC sign near a register,  at a trade show booth, or anywhere it will get noticed.

Your patrons simply tap their NFC enabled phone on the sign and your Voxini profile displaying all of your official social channels displays directly on their phone.

As usual from your Voxini profile your customers/friends can "Like" your official Facebook page, "Follow" you on Twitter,  catch up on your latest blog posts and more.

Getting your Voxini NFC is easy,  simply login to your account and select "Options" from the top right of the screen to place your sign and/or tag order.  Your sign will arrive pre-programmed and ready to go.  As always,  happy sharing!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

NEW! Track Your Profile Views With Google Analytics

If you use Google Analytics to track your web traffic you're in luck!  We've added the option to add custom tracking in the "Options" tab of your Voxini administration console.  Now you can get in depth metrics on how many views,  locations of scans and much more.

To activate Google Analytics for your profile:
 Login to your account and add your Tracking ID to the "Options" tab (Click your username on top right of admin console for drop down list).  That's it - you're ready to roll and start getting comprehensive reporting! 

Where is my Google Analytics Property ID?
To get your Property ID login to your Google Analytics account > Admin.  Under the "Tracking Code" tab copy your Tracking ID to add to your Voxini Administration Console.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

NEW! Voxini Android App

We've released an Alpha version of our new Voxini Android app on Google Play.  Once installed you can view your saved profiles and share your own with friend or customers via SMS (U.S. only currently - International support is coming soon).

Using an iPhone?  We're workin' on it,  but in the interim you can always access the same features by browsing to your profile from any mobile phone without downloading an app (iPhone or Android) and selecting the "Login" button on the top center of your mobile page.

To download the app from Google Play click here.